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Dog and Cat Dental Care Tablets: A Purr-fect Method of Preventative Care

Dog and Cat Dental Care Tablets: A Purr-fect Method of Preventative Care

Just as dental health is an essential component of overall health for humans, the same goes for our pets, who are prone to some of the same dental issues and diseases that people are.
Dog and cat dental care tablets are a great, simple preventative measure when it comes to oral health. While it would be ideal to be able to brush your pet’s teeth every day the same way you brush your own, not only would this be time-consuming, but many pets (more
often, cats!) are resistant to having their teeth brushed. Dog and cat dental care tablets are just as effective, and it's a passive, convenient method.

Other than using proven products like dog and cat dental care tablets, one way to stay current on your pet’s dental health is to examine their teeth on a regular basis. If you catch a bad whiff of dog or cat breath, gingivitis could be the root cause. To get a cat to open its mouth for an at-home examination, place your hands gently but firmly on the top of the cat’s head and tilt it back, says the College of Veterinary Medicine at Washington State University. Often, the cat will open its jaw by itself. For a small dog, the same instructions apply, but with a larger dog, the snout is big enough to be able to grasp on either side with
one hand. However, WSU recommends gently curling your dog’s upper lip under its top teeth, so that you won’t get hurt if your dog decides to bite down! 
Although it’s easy for anyone to do a surface examination of their pet’s dental health, it can be difficult to see plaque and tartar buildup with
the naked eye. That’s where dog and cat dental care tablets come in. They’re approved by veterinary dentists and organizations because they
are safe, easy and effective. When your pet drinks water with a dissolved dental care tablet they are less likely have plaque and tartar build-up! It’s all about drinking to prevent unhealthy bacteria from accumulating.

In fact, if dog and cat dental care tablets are on the market, approved by the U.S. Veterinary Oral Health Council, that means they are proven to reduce plaque/tartar by 20% or more (that’s the minimum amount needed for approval).

It’s easy to spot tartar on your pet’s teeth during an examination — it’s brown, unsightly, and not enjoyable for your pet, either. Dog and cat dental care tablets prevent infections, cysts, gum issues, tooth breakage, and tooth decay, by making sure your pet’s mouth is as free of bacteria as possible. Your pet will thank you. 
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