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How to Fix My Dog And Cats Bad Breath At A Low Cost

How To Fix My Dog And Cat's Bad Breath At A Low Cost

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Wondering How to Fix Your Dogs and Cats Bad Breath at a Low Cost? 
Here’s My Story

Does your four-legged friend have foul breath? If so, you’re not alone - it’s a problem that plagues pet owners throughout the country, and one that affected my own beloved fur-babies. That’s right - Mr. Mittens, Sidney, Mooch and Frank had halitosis, and the foul odor coming from their mouths wasn’t going away on its own.

As a cost-conscious pet parent, I checked out all the options on how to fix my dogs and cats bad breath at a low cost. I started by calling my vet clinic to see what they’d suggest, hopeful that there was a quick fix available. Unfortunately, the vet techs hit me with their version of a solution - a high-cost dental cleaning that involved stuffing my pets into their carriers for the trip to the vet, sedating my dogs and cats, and performing a complete dental cleaning. Of course, this all came at a jaw-dropping cost of about $500 - per pet! That’s over $2,000 - just to have their teeth cleaned!

While my pets are part of our family, I simply couldn’t justify spending more on their dental care than I do on all the humans in our household. Besides, sedating my fur-babies just to have their teeth cleaned seemed like an unnecessary risk that I wasn’t willing to take.

Next, I searched online to find low cost options to fix my dogs and cats bad breath. I found lots of helpful hints like making sure that they eat dry food daily to keep tartar build-up down and have access to lots of clean water to prevent dehydration. There’s even some interesting recipes for homemade treats that are supposed to help freshen up their breath, but I’m not sure if my pets will be happy eating parsley-infused biscuits!

I also came across some pretty questionable advice to try brushing my dogs and cats teeth myself…..I really don’t see that going too well! Not only do I dislike the thought of trying to stick a toothbrush in their little mouths, but I’ve read that toothpaste can be toxic to animals, so I’m skipping that suggestion.


The good news is that I finally learned how to fix my dogs and cats bad breath at a low cost with an all-natural product developed by a vet right here in the United States - Dr. Stone. He’s one of those old-fashioned, salt-of-the-earth vets who truly loves helping pets, and pet owners, and he’s invented Dr. Stones Better Breath - a simple, tasteless tablet that dissolves right into the drinking water I serve my pets!

Since starting my cats and dogs on Dr. Stones Better Breath, my fur babies have noticeably better breath, less tartar, and brighter smiles - high fives all around! I’m so glad I searched for how to fix my dogs and cats bad breath at a low cost, and finally found a lasting, affordable, and safe solution!

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