Teeth Matter! Better Breath Reduces Tarter
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Better Breath, a safe, natural & simple way to keep your pet's teeth healthy
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100% Palatability Guaranteed: Better Breath™ has no odor, taste or color. We will unconditionally refund your payment if your pet doesn’t drink water with Better Breath™ in it.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: Better Breath™ improves halitosis (bad breath) in 3 days and a noticeable, visual reduction of tartar and gingivitis in at least 30 days. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied we will unconditionally refund your payment.

The long-term continual drinking and ingesting of Better Breath™ in water on a daily basis achieve the best results.

Better Breath™ is safe for both dogs and cats. There is a wide safety range for Better Breath™ in both dogs and cats. However, we do not recommend adding Better Breath™ tablets to fish tanks or bird baths or bird water bowls as the safety of the product has not been determined in these species.


Regular Use of Better Breath™ Tablets:
  1. Fill pet’s water bowl with fresh water daily.
  2. Add 1 tablet into a 0.5 or 1 quart water bowl by pressing tablet through blister packaging directly into the water bowl (add 2 tablets for 2 quart water bowls).
  3. If using Drinkwell™ water bowl or similar type of bowl designed to deliver water automatically, press Better Breath™ tablet into basin of water bowl daily, not in water storage container.
  4. Wait 60 seconds for tablet to fully dissolve.
  5. Allow dog and/or cat to drink from water bowl.
  6. Leave in bowl overnight.
  7. The following day empty water bowl and repeat steps 1 through 6.

Active Ingredient: Silver ……0.78%
Inert Ingredients: ………… 99.22%
Total: …………………….. 100.00%
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