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Oral hygiene is a VIP (Very Important Pet) topic…

Water is the essence of life. Every dog and cat consumes between a pint and gallon of water (depending on animal size) per day for basic health. Drinking water does not adequately prevent periodontal disease in dogs and cats. However, the addition of Better Breath™ to water not only eliminates bacteria from the water, but also bacteria from periodontal tissue inside the mouths of dogs and cats. The reduction of bacteria from oral tissues, results in better breath, healthier gums and the prevention of tooth loss.


Active Ingredient – Silver Citrate
The active ingredient in Better Breath™ contains a high-purity multi-complex stabilized silver ion. For many years, it has been known that the silver ion is an effective antimicrobial agent, with silver ions exhibiting antimicrobial properties in preventing biofilms on catheters, in medical equipment and in water filters.

One mechanism through which silver functions as a bactericidal agent is its interaction with disulfide or thiol (sulfhydryl) groups within the amino acids of bacterial cell wall proteins. Silver also can bind to cellular DNA, which in turn interferes with normal metabolic functioning of microorganisms, eventually leading to cell death (1).

Clinical Uses
For years, silver citrate has been used in human dental offices to control microbial contamination of dental tubing and water used in human dental procedures (2).


While Better Breath™ effectively kills bacteria, research shows that it is harmless to humans and animals when ingested in the recommended dose.
Scientific Committee on Consumer Products
The Scientific Committee on Consumer Products provides scientific advice on the safety of non-food consumer products. The SCCP’s advice is intended to enable the public to take adequate and required actions in order to guarantee consumer protection. The SCCP’s report on silver citrate provides one of the best reports on the safe oral consumption of silver citrate.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Better Breath™ is non-caustic, colorless, odorless, and does not produce toxic fumes. The EPA toxicity categorization of antimicrobial products ranges from Category I (high toxicity) down to Category IV (virtually no toxicity). At recommended doses, Better Breath™ is rated in the lowest toxicity category, which is equivalent to the toxicity of tap water.

2. Wu Zhang, MD, Paul Sturman, Ph.D., Toxanne Khoie, BS, and Yiming Li, DDS, MS, PhD. Dental Products Report (2011)
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