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Why Better Breath?

All Natural, Simple, and Safe way to cure your Dog or Cat's Bad Breath. 
Improve your pet's Dental Hygiene and overall Health with one simple product.


Dental Diets


Dental Treats

Dental diets and treats have their drawbacks and have failed to make a significant difference in the dental health of the majority of dogs and cats. 
How are Better Breath™ water bowl tablets actually better?
  All Natural, Simple & Safe
  Pets have noticeably Better Breath in just 3 days
  Prevents dental plaque and gum disease
   No odor, taste or color
  No effect to pets diet
  No additional damage to bad teeth
   Visibly noticeable dental improvements in 30 days
  Veterinarian Approved to Actually Work
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Better Breath™ Guarantee!
100% Palatability Guaranteed: Better Breath™ has no odor, taste or color.
We will unconditionally refund your payment if your pet doesn’t drink water with Better Breath™ in it.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: Better Breath™ improves halitosis (bad breath) in 3 days and a noticeable, visual reduction of tartar and gingivitis in at least 30 days. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied we will unconditionally refund your payment.

The long-term continual drinking and ingesting of Better Breath™ in water on a daily basis achieve the best results.

Better Breath™ is safe for both dogs and cats. There is a wide safety range for Better Breath™ in both dogs and cats. However, we do not recommend adding Better Breath™ tablets to fish tanks or bird baths or bird water bowls as the safety of the product has not been determined in these species.

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