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Why Better Breath™

Why Better Breath
Two main reasons:
  • Better Breath™ is safe and it really works!
  • Plus, it is an affordable, all-natural and simple product to use!
Eight out of 10 pets that veterinarians examine have periodontal disease. Until now, veterinarians have not been able to provide high customer satisfaction with any preventative dental health product. Dental diets, bones, rawhides and treats all have their drawbacks, and frankly have failed to make a significant difference in the dental health of the majority of dogs and cats.

What is Dental Plaque
Imagine how your breath would smell if you didn’t brush your teeth for years. Can you imagine how your teeth would look? There would be a huge buildup of dental plaque and dental tartar.
  • Plaque and tartar is 80% bacteria.
  • Twenty five thousand different species of bacteria have been found in the mouths of mammals.
  • Some bacteria produce odor while others cause decay resulting in gum disease.
These multiple species of bacteria form a dental biofilm, more commonly referred to as dental plaque. At first dental plaque is soft enough to remove with a fingernail. However, it starts to harden within 48 hours and within about 10 days the plaque hardens into dental calculus (tartar) and is difficult to remove. Eventually, the bacteria build up under the gum, resulting in gingival recession or exposure of the roots of the teeth caused by a loss of gum tissue and/or retraction of the gingival margin. Further progression of bacterial growth under the gum can result in weakening of periodontal ligaments that attach teeth to bone.

Better Breath – The Solution
Preventing gum disease and the progression of plaque, tartar, gum recession and eventually lost teeth is critical for the health of your pet. The need to provide an environment within the mouth that eliminates odor and periodontal disease requires a product that reduces the bacterial load within the mouth. It needs to be a product that is safe, simple and effective.
Better Breath™ contains silver citrate, an active ingredient developed by a veterinarian to improve the dental health of dogs and cats. The antibacterial properties of silver have been known for many years. We have developed silver in a form that will benefit animal health by reducing the bacterial load in the mouth resulting in periodontal disease. Better Breath™ has been clinically tested in over 500 dogs and cats for 3 years without any reported adverse effect. Extensive research has proven that Better Breath™ is effective at eliminating bacteria that can lead to dental tartar, plaque, and pain associated with loose teeth.

The Better Breath™ tablet is individually foil-wrapped, allowing the owner to easily put the tablet into their pet’s water bowl daily. We recommend the bowl be filled with approximately 1 pint to a quart (1/2 to 1 liter) of water for one daily tablet. Similar to brushing your teeth daily, the tablet should be added daily to the water bowl. Improved breath should occur in a few days and a decrease in dental tartar and plaque should be obvious in a month.

Do I need to use a tablet everyday in the water?
It depends on the size of your pet. For cats, which consume approximately 1 cup of water a day, I recommend that the owner place a tablet in a liter or quart bottle of water and store it in the refrigerator. Use this source of water to fill the water bowl ( cats like cold water). A tablet is effective for up to 5 days in good quality water (distilled water). If the water has a lot of minerals, i.e. “hard water”, then the tablets are effective for 2-3 days.

For dogs, it depends on the amount of water consumed. Smaller dogs are similar to cats, and the same idea of placing “pet water” in the refrigerator discussed above for cats apply. For larger dogs, 1 tablet a day in the drinking water is recommended since they drink a liter or more of water per day.

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